FWL Core Values

At Footwork Labs we value the whole child. This means we strive to develop character in our players in addition to their soccer skills.  Therefore, in everything we do, we emphasize to our players five core values.  Our goal, for both Coaches and Players, is to exemplify these values every day in our work, in our training, and in our relationships with others. It is essential that we hold ourselves to a standard regardless of opponent, situation, or others.



Footwork Labs players are committed to making themselves better.  They understand that commitment means they do not take shortcuts in training or in life. They have a desire to learn from defeat as well as victory and take every opportunity available to improve themselves.



Footwork Labs players go about their business on and off the pitch with integrity.  They strive to the highest standards of ethics and sportsmanship in all competitions and walks of life.  They understand that doing what is right and good is rarely the easier choice and are willing to make those difficult choices for the integrity of the game and of themselves.



Footwork Labs players are relentless in their pursuit of excellence.  Whether in practice, games, or in life, they attack challenges with an unrelenting desire and determination to improve and overcome.  They subscribe to the motto that “you can’t lose if you never stop.”



Footwork Labs players do not seek personal glory or recognition as an ultimate goal.  They understand that greatness begins with how we affect and elevate those around us and that belief in one’s self does not require boastful behavior but confidence in our preparation.  They seek to be stewards of the game and if any recognition comes they give it back to the overall group understanding that each plays a role in our success as a whole.



Footwork Labs players respect their coaches, parents, peers, opponents and ultimately the game.  They appreciate the sacrifices made for them to be able to play as well as the sacrifices required to achieve excellence.  They conduct themselves with careful regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others no matter the situation.