Sheer joy

Let’s keep it real. Loss and pain are two things nobody wants to talk about, much less experience. That being said to be human is to be subject to all ranges of experience and the emotions that accompany them. It can be daunting at times but that’s why truly living doesn’t happen often. A lot of people like to play it safe and there is nothing wrong with that. To each their own. But playing it safe is no formula for avoiding pain or loss.


How does this apply to the game? Well it’s about mentality. Remember principle number 1: Everything begins in the mind. If you are a player that has technical skill but are afraid of failure or loosing the ball or letting down your team, your parents or yourself, then remember this! PLAY FREE!


One day kids, you won’t be able to play this game the same way. One day you will wish you had a kit to put on for that game on the weekend, you won’t have a coach running you through sessions week in week out, you won’t have the camaraderie of the team that has become a family through the persistent realization of a common goal.


Do not take it for granted! It is a privilege to play this game! In this country kids have an abundance of resources at their disposal. There is no end of leagues, private trainers and clubs and coaches. Yet for some reason America still isn’t a world power in this game. Why? Let me tell you. It’s because kids play this game for all manner of reasons but very few play for the she joy of playing! Simple as that. You have a ton of kids playing for their parents to live vicariously through them, playing for a potential scholarship, playing because they can’t play other sports.


Where are the kids that love the game? They are out playing the game! Let me tell you a secret, none of the worlds top players from the beginning of this game till now, have ever used @sklz gear, or have even had private trainers! No huge parks full of soccer fields, no shoes, sometimes no ball! They had this one catalyst called LOVE OF THE GAME! Don’t loose that! Protect it, fight for it! Play free!